Do you want to discover more about the rich Indigenous culture but don't know where to turn?

You came to the right place!  

I read and came across some wonderful and informative resources over the years. I would like to share them with you. 

~ We r native, This website shares a lot of wellness resources, cultural traditions, identity, history and much more.  It is particularly geared toward youth. 


~Anderson, A., Campbell, M & Belcourt C. (eds).  Keetsahnak: Our missing and murdered Indigenous sisters. Indigenous writers share their stories honouring MMIWG. I CAN'T recommend this book enough. It shares pain, resilience, culture, challenges in communities and ways to cope and promote healthy change. Tearful chapters that highlight some of the realities Indigenous peoples face. It also shares encouraging messages on strength and community endurance.


~ Good, Michelle. Five Little Indians. A story on residential school survivors. She also wrote a chapter in Keetsahnak: Our missing and murdered Indigenous sisters.


DISCLAIMER: I am not being endorsed, sponsored, by any of the above websites or books. I just buried my nose into reading them one day. I think it is important to be aware of the beautiful culture and presenting obstacles to begin conversations, enhance decolonization to keep our culture burning bright and promote systematic change where needed.