A common question beaders come across is, "Is it cultural appropriation for a non-Indigenous person to wear Indigenous-made beaded earrings?" 

 No. This is widely shared view among Indigenous peers in the beading community. 

Purchasing Indigenous-made earrings shows support and deep reverence for Indigenous Peoples. Historically, Indigenous Peoples were devastatingly prohibited to embrace our culture and language. Proudly wearing Indigenous-made beadwork shows support (not disrespect) if it is created from an Indigenous beader. Indigenous and non-Indigenous Peoples can wear Indigenous-made jewelry with pride.

We want you to show off your Indigenous Creations!

Some Indigenous Peoples may even say it brings collective healing through proudly embracing their identify (whether that would be selling their beadwork or wearing them).  

However, if a non-Indigenous person sells Indigenous style jewelry, then it is cultural appropriation. Profiting off of Indigenous Peoples' work and style is frowned upon. 


Do you make custom earrings?

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